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The Impacts of Growth

Webinar Series

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A webinar series investigating growth and its impacts.

The formal presentation will be followed by questions and discussion from the audience

March 25, 2021

5:30 pm


Webinar 4:
Community Hydrology

December 9, 2021


Joel Adams, Hydrologist
Tom Osborne, Hydrologist

Part 1: Hydrogeology of the West Bench Aquifer. Joel Adams

The geology, hydrology and dynamics of the west bench aquifer. A review of ground water studies describing where the water comes from, the dynamics of the aquifer, how land and water use influences aquifer recharge and how climate influences water supply.

Part 2: Community Hydrology: A Discussion with Tom Osborne and Joel Adams

A discussion about agriculture, rural development and how altered hydrologic systems influence water allocation, availability and land use. What are the pros and cons of these altered systems?  How might climate influence these systems? 

Residential Housing Complex

Webinar 3:


May 13, 2021

5:30 pm

Jacob Kuntz, Helena Area Habitat for Humanity
Hermina Harold, Trust Montana
Andrea Davis, Homeword
Brian Guyer, HRDC

As more people move to our beautiful area, housing has become a critical issue. What are the needs throughout the area and what tools do we have tackle those needs?  

Road Constuction

Webinar 2:


April 29, 2021

5:30 pm

Bill Bullock, County Commissioner
Tom Kohley, DES
Ken Coffin, District Ranger, USFS

Growth increases demands on local infrastructure, from roads, to emergency services to trails, much of which is tax payer supported. Join us to learn more about how growth is paid for and how it is affecting local budgets. 

House Frames

Webinar 1:

Managing Impacts of Growth

Dennis Glick
Randy Carpenter

 An overview of the impacts of both planned and unplanned growth to community housing, services, infrastructure and local government and will highlight information about the elements, tools and best practices of communities that successfully adjusted to growth