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About Stronger Together Conversations

Gatherings of diverse community members for respectful and thoughtful conversations to learn more about each other and our shared values

A group of citizens from a variety of organizations came together to consider ways to reunite our community, encourage a return to civility and remember our "Montana Manners"


  • Get people out of their bubble

  • Encourage conversations about civility and how we can rebuild trust

  • Embracing diverse thinking in order to strengthen community

  • Discover our shared values

  • Economic vitality through a supportive community

Pebble Beach

Sponsors and Committee

For more information contact Amy Hyfield at

Stronger Together Conversations are sponsored by:

Beartooth From Community Forum

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

Committee members: 

Amy Hyfield, OP and WE Edwards Foundation

Martha Brown, Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

Kelly Heaton, DSVS 

Libby Johnson, DSVS

Rebekah Easter, 

Pam Peterson, Red Lodge Community Church

Dave Ritter

Hank Toule

Compass Pointing North

Ground Rules

Feel free to modify these to meet your situation 

Download Ground Rules Here

  • Participate respectfully,

  • Keep an open mind, 

  • Suspend judgement/invite curiosity,

  • Listen to each other, 

  • Listen to understand, not to respond

  • Speak and share for yourself (tell your own story, not the story of others), 

  • Use "I" statements,

  • Remember Confidentiality (the stories shared at the dinner stay at the dinner, the lessons learned can leave)



Download Questions Here

  1. What brought you to this community?

  2. What do you love about this community?

  3. What is challenging about living here?

  4. What do we want our community to be: for our kids, for residents (new and old) , for visitors, for seniors

  5. Do those of us here tonight have shared values?  If so, what are they?

  6. How should we treat each other in our community? 


Let us know if you come up with more questions!

Pictures on Wall

Report Back and Share

More information on a community report coming soon.....

Let us know what you discovered in your conversations!

email a write up, pictures, links, etc to

use #strongertogether

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Ground rules
questions for conversations
sponsors and committee
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