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Beartooth Front: Climate, Growth, Resilience – Where Are We Headed?

Join Beartooth Front Community Forum, April 1, 2023, 8:30 AM-2:00 PM

A community discussion about climate and growth effects on community. Share your thoughts and ideas about effects of change, community resiliency and adapting to future effects of growth and climate.

Discussions topics include effects on Water and Agriculture, Tax Payer Supported Infrastructure, Tourism an Outdoor Recreation, Landscape Changes and Wildlife Habitat.

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Introductory Presentations by:

Professor Cathy Whitlock,

Regents Professor Emerita of Earth Sciences,

Montana State University


2017 Montana Climate Assessment

2021 The Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment

Presentation: Insights from the Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment 


Lara Tomov, Cinematographer, Photographer

Filmmaker for the Documentary Series, Life in the Land: Connecting People and Place in Montana

Life in the Land is a documentary film and podcast series that shares stories of those who interact with the complexities of Montana’s lands, waters, and communities. Perspectives from community leaders, ranchers, biologists, within Montana’s rural and tribal communities about healthy relationships with the land and one another to promote resilient communities and ecosystems.

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