Stronger Together Conversations

Gatherings of diverse community members for respectful and thoughtful conversations to learn more about each other and our shared values

Cutting Cake


Host or Join

Have a conversation (from 2-10 people) over dinner, drinks, coffee, a hike, a picnic outside, have a Zoom cocktail hour, go for a dog walk... Discuss. (We can help with technology.) Make sure that everyone is COVID safe and feels comfortable.



Mix it up

Make sure that it is a mix of people that you know and some that you don’t chat with often. Invite a facebook friend, ask a coworker, reach out to your kids’ friends’ parents, knock on a neighbor’s door, ask us for suggestions

Wood Pencil and Notebook


Follow the Format

Follow the format for a Jefferson Dinner, utilize conversation ground rules and pose the topics that we provide.

Scenic Back Drop



Share your conversation - tag us, tweet us,  submit pictures and/or stories to post on our conversation wall.  

Summarize your discussion in a brief report back - it can be written, video, illustration, comic strip, interpretive dance, a song, poem, whatever.

Conversation Resources

Let us know if we can help